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United Collieries Pty. Limited (United) was formed in 1980 and operated as an underground coal mine approximately 16 kilometres west of Singleton in the Upper Hunter Valley of New South Wales. United's ownership comprises 95% Glencore Coal Pty. Ltd. and 5% Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU). In June 2009,United announced that due to an assessment of geotechnical constraints, plans to mine Longwall Panel 11 were to be abandoned, and hence United would cease production following the completion of Longwall Panel 10. In March 2010, once the extraction of equipment from the underground was complete and the necessary sections of the underground sealed, United Collieries entered into a period of Suspension of Operations.

In November 2014, Glencore and Peabody agreed to form a 50:50 Joint Venture to develop an opencut coal mine Project that will combine the existing open cut operations at Wambo Coal with a new opencut at United Collieries. It is proposed that Glencore will manage the combined opencut mining operations utilising Wambo Mine's existing infrastructure. Peabody will continue to operate the Wambo Underground, the Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP) and rail facilities.

The United Wambo Open Cut Coal Mine Project - SSD 7142 (the Project) Preliminary Environmental Assessment (PEA) was submitted to the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) on 30 June 2015. The United Wambo Open Cut Coal Mine Project Development Application and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was lodged with the DPE on 11 August 2016, the EIS for the Project was placed on public exhibition from 11 August 2016 to 22 September 2016. During the public exhibition period 103 submissions were made on the Project, including 78 from the community.

On 12 November 2018, the then DPE presented their Final Assessment Report to the Independent Planning Commission (IPC) and considered that the Project and associated modifications to Wambo consents were approvable subject to conditions.

On 29 August 2019 the NSW Independent Planning Commission (IPC) approved with conditions the United Wambo Open Cut Coal Mine Project.

The Commission's Statement of Reasons for Decision and Conditions of Consent can be read in full here: https://www.ipcn.nsw.gov.au/projects/2018/11/united-wambo-open-cut-coal-mine-project-ssd-7142

Further information can be found on the United Wambo Open Cut Coal Mine Project page on the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) Major Projects website http://majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au/index.pl?action=view_job&job_id=7142.

Electronic copies of the EIS can be download from the link in the text box below.

United Wambo open cut coal mine project (SSD 15_7142) EIS

The United Wambo Open Cut Coal Mine Project (SSD 15_7142) Development Application and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) has been lodged with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE). An electronic version of the EIS can be found by clicking the link below.

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United Collieries recognises that genuine partnerships with stakeholders and with local communities is an essential part of our operations. United devotes a substantial amount of time, effort and resources to communication and involvement with stakeholders and engage as a responsible corporate citizen with the wider society of which it is a part.