​United is committed to the goal of sustainable development and aims to preserve the long-term health, function and viability of the natural environment affected by our operations. United's policies and sustainable development programmes and management systems are aligned with Glencore's Values and Code of Conduct.

United implements a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) on site. The EMS provides for effective environmental management at United. The EMS provides a framework for managing environmental issues in a systematic and integrated way and covers the entire lifecycle of the mine.

The EMS is structured to adopt a continuous improvement approach to environmental issues at the site. The EMS also assists in managing activities at the operation, such that the company either prevents or minimises any environmental impacts associated with the operation.

United is required to comply with the requirements of environmental legislation. The EMS puts mechanisms in place to comply with these statutory requirements.

The EMS includes standards, procedures and objectives and targets, which help the operation maintain and continually improve environmental performance. Routine inspections and regular environmental audits are undertaken to assess performance against objectives and targets and identify opportunities for improvement.