Pollution Incident Response Management Plan22/07/20202.6 MB
UWJV Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Management Plan20/07/20203.4 MB
UWJV Biodiversity Management Plan20/07/202017.9 MB
UWJV Erosion and Sediment Control Plan20/07/20203.9 MB
UWJV Export Management Plan20/07/20201.1 MB
UWJV Groundwater Management Plan20/07/20204.7 MB
UWJV Noise Management Plan20/07/20203.1 MB
UWJV Social Impact Management Plan20/07/20202.3 MB
UWJV Surface Water Management Plan20/07/20203.1 MB
UWJV Water Management Plan20/07/20203.8 MB
UWJV Rehabilitation Management Plan08/07/202033.2 MB
UWJV Blast Management Plan01/04/20209.5 MB
UWJV Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan31/12/20197.0 MB
UWJV Bushfire Management Plan31/12/20193.8 MB
UWJV Historic Heritage Management Plan31/12/20193.7 MB
UWJV Project Construction Environmental Management Plan31/12/20197.1 MB